Franco Zamorano



The Boy With The Sombrero – 2017 – Serving the filmÕs crew as Producer and First Assistant Director.  Duties include delegating producing work to two produces (line budgets, permit and insurance acquisition, casting, craft services, and recruitment of production crew). The story is about an evil guitar playing doll that swaps his soul with that of a small Latino boy. The film is metaphorically about the identity crisis Latinos are facing in modern day United States.


Casino: Desert Scene – 2017 – Produced and Directed a scene from Casino as part of a Directing Actors class at San Francisco State University. My duties included location scouting, putting together the production crew, creating the shot list with the Director of Photography, craft services, and editing.


HappySleep – 2017 – Wrote, Produced and Directed a project as part of Experimental Filmmaking at San Francisco State University. The film serves as a visual counterpart to a live-action counterpart in which people laid in a bed while being haggled by an over-bearing salesman.


Hell and Back – 2016 – Produced Ryan IannelliÕs thesis film at San Francisco State University. The film is about an artistÕs internal battle with his lack of confidence. Duties included securing filming permits, acquiring liability insurance for locations, craft services, casting, negotiating artist contracts, negotiating prices with Little Giant, and line-by-line budgeting.


Behind the 8 Ball – 2016 – Wrote, Produced and Direct a short film as part of San Francisco State UniversityÕs film program. The film tells the story of a student who puts all of his Financial Aid money on the line in a game of pool. Duties included location scouting and securing, writing, and directing.


Bird Juice (or the story of how I became a bird) – 2016 -,Ddigital short, 4 minutes. Position: writer/director. Birdie, a 20-something college student accidently drinks a bottle of bird juice, and slowly transforms into a bird. Created for a Cinema production class at San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California.


Patient Care, Cultural Sensitivity, and Conversation – 2015 - digital short, 11 minutes. Position: director of photography. A conversation with two doctors about treating minorities in inner-city communities, and the struggles that come with trying to care without many resources and race. Created for a Sociology class at Cal State East Bay, Hayward, California.


Yonex – 2015 - digital commercial, 1 minute. Position: director. An online commercial (Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook distribution) for YonexÕs album release. Created for online distribution, San Jose, California.


Rey Resurreccion – 2015 - digital commercial, 3 minutes. Position: director. Hybrid of music video and online commercial for Rey ResurreccionÕs album release. Created for online distribution, San Jose, California.


Grand Marnier Titan: Cain Velasquez – 2015 - photoshoot. Position: photographer. Acted as a photographer at an event held by liquor distributor Grand Marnier that featured UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez. Photos were distributed to various online media, including BuzzFeed. San Jose, California.


3ÕOclock High – 2015 - , digital short, 2 minutes. Position: writer/director. Two college students get into a fist fight when one student finds that the other stole his breakfast burrito. Created for a Screenwriting class at West Valley Community College.


Goons with Dilemmas – 2015 - digital short, 3 minutes. Position: writer/director. A college student who is involved with the school mob wants to get out of the gang, but he is convinced to stay for the perks. Created for a Screenwriting class at West Valley Community College.


Two Eleven – 2013 - music video, 5 minutes. Position: director. Music video for artists Big D and IROLLBLUNTZ released along with their official album. Created for online distribution in San Jose, California.